About Us


About Us


In 2006 Lee and Keith started making some lovely gloves with long cuffs to stop the gap between their gloves and their jackets. From there things just got bigger. Soon they made some cool hats with longer length, to cover the back of their necks, then came Thermal underwear and before they knew it a little cult brand was born.

In 2011 Lee bought Ussen from Keith with his pocket money and that is the story of Ussen. (without telling you the story of Ussen).




From day one, we made products for us. That is why Ussen products work. We made them the best that we could.


We don’t want to let you down. We have a responsibility to the best outdoor retailers in the land. They have supported us when nobody else would. Now we are repaying them with great kit.


The great outdoors. We want you all to see it and we want to be right there with you. Get out and have a look! It’s brilliant.


We really love it when we sit down and see something that we made for you is fantastic. We are trying hard to make things better all the time!

What now?

Here we are in 2015, our tiny little brand has really started to grow, we have a great reputation with the retailers and our customers always give us great feedback about our gear.

In 2015 we are adding lots of new gear to Ussen, our first venture into backpacks, new clothing lines and the revamp of many of our old lines to make them better and better.

Keep an eye on our website and you will be the first to see all the new gear.

Thanks for the support.


Ussen, the giver of Life.

You may have seen the catch line, Giver of Life on some of our products. So here is the answer to what it means.

Apache Religion

 The Apache people believed that they existed because their god, Ussen, placed them on the earth.
So there you go! The Apache Indian God! Ussen, give of LIFE!