Frequently asked Questions

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Why can't I buy from Ussen's website?

We do not sell direct from our website. Please look at our stockists page via the link above.

What are your thermals made from?

We use highly thermal polypropylene fabrics that wick moisture.

Where are your products made?

Whenever possible we make our products right here in UK, a small amount of our products simply can not be made here.

Who uses Ussen products?

Ussen products are used by Soldiers, Police, Outdoor enthusiasts and people who want products that work.

Why can't I find a stockist of a certain Ussen product?

All items are subject to availability. Generally, if an item is showing on our website then it is available to order from one of our stockists. However, during busy periods a product may have sold out, you can contact us via email and we will try our very best to direct you in the direction of the item which you are looking for.

Why is there no Ussen stockist in my area?

We are a small growing brand, It’s not for everyone and we only deal with stores that understand our products. We are looking for new, quality stockists but you will never find Ussen products in every shop! ever!